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2006 TCM (Munich), LC (Nijmegen), CiE (Swansea), CL&C (Venice), PCC (Ilmenau)
2007 PCC (Swansea), BMC (Swansea), Types (Udine), CiE (Siena), LCC (Wraclaw), Proof Theory (Bonn), BLC (London), Domains VIII (Novosibirsk), CIP (Paris)
2008 Russell (Swansea), Types (Turin), Buchholz 60 (Munich), Oberwolfach, MFPS (Philadelphia), CiE (Athens), LC (Berne), Workshop on Proof Theory (Berne), CL&C (Reykjavik), PCC (Oslo), CCA (Hagen), MAP (ICTP Trieste), BLC (Nottingham), TCS (Milano), Domains IX (Brighton), Computer Science 2008 (Cambridge).
2009 NIBATC (Birmingham), Proof Theory and Constructivism (Leeds), CCC (Cologne), CiE (Heidelberg), CCA (Ljubljana), BLC (Swansea), CSL (Coimbra), AVOCS (Swansea/Gregynog)
2010 Logical Approaches to Barriers in Computing and Complexity (Greifswald), Mal'tsev Meeting (Novosibirsk), MFPS (Ontario), Constructive Mathematics: Proofs and Computation (Chiemsee) , CiE (Ponta Delgada, Azores), Program Extraction and Constructive Proofs (Brno), Classical Logic and Computation (Brno), MFCS/CSL (Brno), BLC (Birmingham)
2011 Workshop on Logic and Computation (Kanazawa), BCTCS (Birmingham), MFPS XXVII (Pittsburgh), 11th Wessex Theory Seminar (Leicester), LiCS (Toronto), LCC (Toronto), CiE (Sofia), LMPS (Nancy), BLC (Edinburgh), Domains X (Swansea), Computing with Infinite Data: Topological and Logical Foundations (Dagstuhl)
2012 - the Alan Turing Year, ACM Turing Centenary, Logic and interactions (CIRM, Marseille), JAIST Spring School (Kanazawa), BCTCS (Manchester), Semantics and Syntax: A Legacy of Alan Turing (Newton Institute, Cambridge), COMPUTAL Workshop CCC (Trier), MFPS XXVIII (Bath) ( Programme), LCC (Dubrovnik), Physics and Computation (Swansea)
2013 Foundation of Mathematics for Computer-Aided Formalization (Padova) , JAIST (Kanazawa) , MALOA (CIRM) , MFPS XXIX (Tulane) , CCC (Gregynog) , CCA (Nancy) , Duality in Computer Science (Dagstuhl) , LCC (Torino) , BLC (Leeds) , Proof (Berne) , Coinduction for computation structures and programming languages (Shonan), Computational interpretations of mathematical theorems (Chicheley) ,
2014 UNISA, CiE (Budapest), VSL (Vienna), Proof, Truth, Computation (Chiemsee), CCC (Ljubljana), MFO (Oberwolfach),
2015 JAIST Logic Workshop Series 2015: Constructivism and Computability (Kanazawa, 2-6 March), UNISA (27 March - 24 April), Symposium in honor of Herman Jervell and Dag Normann (Oslo, 21-22 May), PCC (Oslo, 23-24 May), LCC (Kyoto, 4-5 July), CCA (Tokyo, 12-15 July), Domains XII - Boole Conference (Cork, 25-28 August), BLC (Newton Institute, Cambridge, 2-4 September), CCC (Kochel, 14-18 September), Duality in Computer Science (Dagstuhl, 25-30 October),
Effective Analysis: Foundations, Implementations, Certification (MAP, CIRM, 11-15 January), , Mathematics for Computation (Niederaltaich, 8-13 May), Workshop on Intersection Types (Paris, 13-14 June), Logic Colloquium (Leeds, 31 July - 6 August), CSL (Marseille, 29 August - 1 September), Logic and Computational Complexity (Marseille, 2-3 September), Logic, Complexity and Automation (Obergurgl, 5-6 September), Workshop on Mathematical Logic and its Applications (Kyoto, 16-17 September), Interval Analysis and Constructive Mathematics (13-18 November, Oaxaca),
UC (28 March-29 April) , CCC (Nancy, 26-30 June) , ISSUGE Summer School (Genua, 14-16 July) , Humboldt-Kolleg Proof Theory as Mathesis Universalis (Villa Vigoni, Lago di Como, 24-27 July) , Computability and Reducibility (Hiddensee, 6-11 August) , BLC, University of Sussex, 8-9 September) , Mathematical Logic: Proof Theory, Constructive Mathematics (Oberwolfach, 5-11 November)
Second Workshop on Mathematical Logic and its Applications (5-9 March, Kanazawa, Japan)
Workshop: Proofs and Computation (2-6 July, HIM, Bonn, Germany)
Workshop DOMAINS (7-8 July, Oxford, UK) (part of FLoC)
PCC (19-20 July, Bonn, Germany)
Hilbert-Bernays Summer School on Logic and Computation (23-27 July, Göttingen, Germany)
CiE (30 July - 3 August, Kiel, Germany)
Workshop: Constructive Mathematics (6-10 August, HIM, Bonn, Germany)
CCA (5-8 August, Kochel, Germany)
Autumn school "Proof and Computation" (16-22 September, Fischbachau, Germany)
CCC (24-28 September, Faro, Portugal)
Third Workshop on Mathematical Logic and its Applications, MLA'2019 (11-14 March, Nancy, France)
BCTS 35 (15-17 April, Durham, UK)
Facets of realizability (1-3 July, Paris-Cachan, France)
CLMPST (Glivenko Symposium) (5-10 August, Prague, Czech Republic)
CCC (2-6 September, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Second Summer School and Workshop of the Proof Society (8-13 September, Swansea, UK)
BCTS 36 (6-8 April, Swansea, UK)

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