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Software (outdated page!)

Most of the following software is free — and all of it runs on Mac OS X.

Declarative Programming Systems

  • The Meta-Environment: A sophisticated system providing scannerless SGLR parser generation for modules of arbitrary context-free grammars, conditional term-rewriting, and support for implementing other formalisms
  • Maude MSOS Tool: an execution environment for Modular Structural Operational Semantics (MSOS) specifications that brings the power of analysis available in the Maude system to MSOS specifications
  • SWI-Prolog: A popular system for logic programming — Learn Prolog Now!

Formatting Tools

  • Keynote: A well-designed Mac OS X application for making robust animated presentations
  • TeXShop: A LaTeX GUI for Mac OS X
  • LaTeX-beamer: A powerful and well-documented package for producing animated presentations in PDF from LaTeX sources
  • MathJax: High quality display of formulae in web browsers
  • TeX4ht: A highly configurable TeX-based system for producing hypertext

Bibliography Management Tools

  • Aigaion: A web-based bibliography management system
  • JabRef: A BibTeX GUI, implemented in Java

System Tools

  • MacPorts: An easy way to install various open-source software products on Mac OS X
  • Subversion: For version control and synchonisation
  • Unison: A robust and efficient multi-platform file-synchronization tool


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