Peter D Mosses



My ORCID ID is 0000-0002-5826-7520, and my ORCID profile provides a fairly complete list of my publications.

Google Scholar

Links and citations to my publications are listed by Google Scholar.


A comprehensive list of publications (and some full texts) are provided on my ResearchGate page.


Various statistics and indices are provided by the AMiner search and mining service on my AMiner profile.


An unclassified bibliography of some of my publications is provided by DBLP, which covers major computer science journals and proceedings (books, theses, and technical reports are omitted).

Note that BibTeX exported from DBLP sometimes needs minor editing before use:

  • Titles of articles may need some lowercase initial letters converted to uppercase, and insertion of braces {…} around names and acronyms.
  • When the year of publication of a proceedings differs from the year of the event, DBLP uses the year of the event in the entries for the articles in the proceedings (and omits it from the booktitle field), leading to incorrect publication data.


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